Brian Mannix, CEO and Founder of Mannixlab Productions


Brian Mannix, founder and CEO of Mannixlab Productions, is a nationally award winning teacher, entrepreneur, web designer, novelist, musician and father.  His commitment to understanding his clients needs is unmatched in this industry.  

Mannixlab Productions offers companies a variety of services, from logo design, branding and video production to content creation, social media management and marketing.  From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Mannixlab Productions prides itself on attention to detail and client service.

We have connect with free lancers around New York, throughout the United States and across the world to accomplish any task that we cannot take care of in house.  Our connections range from Web Developers and UX Specialists to Natural Language Processors and Cloud Infrastructure Consultants.

 Contact us for a free consultation at or give us a call at (516) 744-1274.

. . . some people wonder about creating new things, others strive to learn what it takes to blaze new paths, build something from whole cloth, or find an idea worth boring themselves into. Brian, he just lives it. Brian spends his time doing triage, defining priorities and refining roadmaps.
— Carl Flatow, Science Friday, Inc., Down To Earth, Flatow Graphics, and ImEdge Technology, Inc.